Covid-19 Updates!

Hey y'all.

We’re sure that like us, you haven’t been able to escape the news about Covid-19 and we join you, alongside the nation, on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the latest updates during these uncertain times.

The situation at hand is extremely difficult for all of us and we’ve had to make some very hard and prompt decisions on how to move forward without any official Government guidelines or finalised financial support during a time when customers have been officially advised to stay away from businesses such as ours.

Our team, suppliers, community & customers are the heart of everything that we do and ensuring their health, safety & wellbeing is our utmost priority. We are working tirelessly in an effort to do what we can to protect not only our community but our parents, grandparents, family and close friends who are considered most at risk, whilst also safeguarding the livelihood of our team and everyone else who relies on the success of our business.

With all of this in mind we have made the extremely difficult decision to immediately pause normal restaurant service for the time being until we receive notice that we can all start living life as normal again.

On the brighter side of things, we are about to launch an awesome replacement to our everyday service! We’ll be bringing a little bit of Smoke & Rye direct to your door!

There’s an overwhelming possibility that any government forced closures could last longer than a few weeks and therefore it is extremely important we focus all our effort on providing the safest, tastiest and most seamless take out service possible, as soon as possible!

Over the upcoming days we’ll be launching a brand new Take Out menu, zero contact online ordering & payment service, zero contact delivery service & curbside pick up, as well as cook at home options! We’ll also be releasing brand new menu items never before seen at Smoke & Rye!

Bear with us whilst we take a little bit of time figuring things out, as with everything new there may be a few teething issues along the way!

Finally, we are guaranteeing you our delicious smoked meats, American craft beers, wine, drinks, desserts, playlists & much more from the comfort and - most importantly - the safety of your own home!

Please keep checking back for updates over the next few days - we’re aiming to be up and running this coming Saturday!

To all of our amazing customers, employees, suppliers, the family & friends who have always supported us and to all other local businesses - we’re all in this fight together!

Stay strong & Be kind!

Big Love

We’ll see you on your doorstep! ;-)

Rich & Team Smoke & Rye x

P.S - if you already have a future table booking or have made enquiries over the last couple of days, we’ll be getting in touch with you directly as soon as possible. We would also like to assure you that no deposits have been taken for any large parties that we currently have booked on our system. Rest assured, we’ll come out the other side stronger!

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