Founded in the 1800s by Charles Nelson. Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey was the largest selling brand of Tennessee Whiskey and commonly known as 'Old Number Five'. Charles Nelson passed away in 1891 when the reigns were handed over to his wife Louisa, who became one of the only women of her time to run a distillery!

When Prohibition hit America in 1909 the distillery was forced to close its doors. Louisa however was famously known for continuing to pay her employee's and support the local community - what a woman!

In 2006 the Grandson's of Charles and Louisa, Andy and Charlie Nelson visited the site of the old family warehouse, fell in love with Whiskey and made it their destiny to bring the family business back to life! Reopening the doors 100 years after they were forced to close.

Today using the exact recipes, the Nelson brothers have set on a grand journey - not just to make and sell Whiskey - but to rebuild a business that helped originally to bring the term 'Tennessee Whiskey' to America and Europe - the essence of the American dream!!

The range is currently not available in the UK, but we've been lucky enough to take an exclusive tour of the distillery and sample some of the range!

We've got our fingers and toes crossed that they'll be able to supply the UK and you'll see it on our shelves very soon!!!

Get in touch and let us know about your favourite craft distillery!

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